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If you suffer from a rheumatic illness such as lupus, Sjogren's or rheumatoid arthritis, then I bet you are on the hunt for items that can help ease your pain, and make it easier to live with such a condition. 

I am well versed myself in joint pain, muscle pain, muscle weakness, mobility issues, and trying to keep up to a fast paced world. 

It is through my own trial and error, in person support groups and our own Sjogren's and lupus online support group that I have been able to have a keen ear in all things rheumatic illness. 

I get the opportunity to connect, learn and share about how to make life easier, and with this wealth of knowledge, I want to share my favs along with highly acclaimed good on the scene products. 

I've made this list as easily accessible as possible by offering links to each item back to amazon, which (I believe) is the largest global supply chain for retail products. 

I hope this list can help you!

If you meander the list and notice I have missed a MUST HAVE item, please forward it onto us at our email

Products for Dry Nose 

Dry Nose Products

Secaris Lubricating
Nasal Gel

Neti Pot
Nasal Irrigation
Wash Bottle

NeilMed Sinus Rinse Refill Packets

Ayr Saline Nasal Gel, With Soothing Aloe, 0.5 Ounce Tube

Products for Dry Mouth and Nose 

Dry Mouth Products

Dry Mouth

X-PUR Xylitol Mouthwash

X-PUR CariO Junior Toothpaste

 Mint Flavored Sensitive Toothpaste

TheraBreath Dry Mouth Lozenges

TheraBreath Fresh Breath Oral Rinse

 Dry Mouth Lozenges
Tart Berry

Therabreath Healthy Smile oral Rinse

fruit flavor
Xylitol Gum For Dry Mouth


PUR Mints
100% Xylitol Mints

xylitol gum
for dry mouth

Products for Dry Eyes

Dry Eye Products

Preservative free
Eye Drops Day and Night Pack

hydraSense Preservative free Eye Drops advanced dry eyes

hydraSense Night Therapy Eye Drop

Systane Lubricant Gel

Systane Ointment Lubricant Eye Ointment

HYDRATION Preservative Free Lubricant Eye Drops

Systane Eyelid Cleansing Wipes

Eye Massager with Heat

Eye Hydrating Compress by Bruder

long-lasting dry eye relief

GEL drops

dry eye and allergy relief

Alcon Lid-Care Pre-Moistened Towelettes

Joint and Muscle Pain Products (Coming Soon)

Joint and Muscle Pain Products

Joint ad Muscle Products

Book Recommendations (Coming Soon)

Book Reccomendations

Products for Dry Vaginal Cavity

Dry Vaginal Cavity Products

Topical Cream for Feminine Dryness

Natural moisture 
Capsules for Feminine Dryness

Supplement for Feminine Dryness

Gynatrof Natural Vaginal Moisturizer

Vagisil Prohydrate Internal Vaginal Moisturizer

RepaGyn Vaginal Dryness Moisturizer

Replens Moisture Restore External Comfort Gel

Personal Lubricant for Sensitive Skin

Femininity Vaginal Moisture Supplement

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