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Wellness Warrior: Jeremy Voltz

Updated: Mar 7, 2021

Sometimes I am so amazed that we live in this world.

A world with the technology to share massive amounts of data, information, and all sorts of creativity and art.

I recently stumbled across a music video on my Facebook feed.

I was having one of those days, I’m sure you know what I mean when I say, a ‘bad bed day.’

A day where the pain is high and the motivation is low.

A day where the cats lure you back to bed and you don’t say no. A day where you Pinterest all the things you wish you were doing right now.

These days are hard and lonely. So when I happened to come across this video I was pleasantly surprised, it made me smile and lifted my spirits.

The artist, Jeremy Voltz, had a cool and calm demeanor. I couldn’t help but enjoy the cat shirt he was wearing as he sung a song that really hit my heart.

His song, "One Day At A Time", whispers words of a soul that has struggled too.

While I don’t know his story, I can tell you he knows mine.

Thank you Jeremy for writing a song that can help and inspire those of us with chronic illness.

As a Sjogren's and Lupus patient, I know all too well how difficult living with debilitating pain can be. Your song provides hope, to those of us struggling with pain.

When life gets hard and too impossible to see the future, your words of advice ring true.

Sometimes we need to slow down and take life one day at a time.

In case you want to follow along to the song here are the lyrics:

There are days when living seems harder then it should When it's hard to see the good in what has happened And on those days I tell myself that nothing last forever that Pain will come and go but I'll be standing

Don't let the darkness take you Cast you down and break you You're stronger than you think you are

You are strong enough to live this life Just take it one day at a time

You may dream of taking exactly what you want Of handily confronting all your problems But problems never break themselves into easy little pieces They hang just like a cloud that keeps on raining

And I wish that I could tell you Or shake you and compel you To walk out in the rain and say

That I am strong enough to live this life Just take it one day at a time

It won't be easy And you wandered how you made it this far

But you did

And you did it one day at a time Oh you did it one day at a time

What a Beautiful song, and amazing lyrics!

You can see the video posted on Facebook here.

Don’t forget your download his song and add it to your ‘pick me up’ playlist.

Artist: Jeremy Voltz

Song name: One Day at A Time

I hope this post has helped you find some inspiration.

In between the pain, pandemic, and daily pressures life throws at us it's nice to know artist like Jeremy are helping to make the world a brighter place to live in.

Wishing you all Health and Happiness,

Heather 💜

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